Brand Profile

SOUP label was formed taking the initials of his name SOUGAT PAUL. To be clearly understood behind label named as soup implying as an appetizer being simply graced and gazed at for its refreshing taste with not adequate spices.

His view towards his labelled collection was to prepare an appealing couture with mixed classic sensitivity. Detailing has been the mainstay for this label. Surprisingly SOUP’s Cocktail & Gala Dresses are beloved not only in India but internationally too which now have got bounced to prints and daily couture.

The brands collecion is collectively inspired by Indian textiles, its arts and culture as well as the silhouettes with prints being indo-western culture prints fusioning together creating an extraordinary value to a collection. Silhouettes used are nation based, giving a revival and still maiintaining with India’s classics. The colors mix and match variously being mostly all colors used typically revivng India’s culture.